• Brian and Theresa
    Brian and Theresa
    I want to give a BIG kudos to Kim and her amazing team! Let me first begin by saying, not only was she able to meet all of our needs but she was VERY patient with us on our quest to finding our home. We were not the easiest couple to find a home for because we were very particular about what we wanted. However, she manage to find us a brick 4 bedroom home in an area in which we can raise our family. Here's the best part...it's affordable and within our price range! If your ever looking for a realtor that's dedicated to your needs and at your beckon call...Kim Adams is your girl! Thanks again for finding our home

    Brian & Theresa
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  • Kendall Walker
    Kendall Walker
    I want to take the time out and say thank you all for your hard work obtaining this wonderful home for my family. This process has been an exceptional experience for us. I can?t stress enough the gratitude that we have, again thank you for all your help.

    Kendall Walker
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  • The Jones
    The Jones
    To future Homebuyers and whom it may concern: My wife and I started out with a realtor that was part-time and a friend of the family. We weren't happy with the results and began looking for a new realtor and were referred to Kimberly Adams of Dreamtown. Our relationship with her, her professionalism, attitude and knowledge, was in our eyes, impressive and comforting! Ms. Adams patiently worked with us and our budget, to help find our first home after recently getting married. We feel she went above and beyond to make our experience as smooth as possible as well as memorable. Thank you again Kim for everything you've done! You have given us the "1st time Homebuyers" experience that we hoped for! We can't say enough about Ms. Adams! P.S. the Cubs game was AWESOME!

    Cheers, The Jones's
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  • DuBois Jones
    DuBois Jones
    I've been blessed and fortunate to work with Kimberly since 2007. I have worked with many realtors over my 22 years in the mortgage industry. I can truly say Kimberly stands out by far from her competitors, she has held a closing rate of 94% working directly with me. Kim's tenacity, loyalty and commitment with her clients allows her to stand apart from the average real estate agent.. Ask yourself what do I want in a seasoned realtor?
    - Honesty (even if the truth hurts)
    - Promptness
    - Loyalty
    - Justification If these qualities are okay with you then Kimberly Adams is your "Chicago Realtor".

    DuBois Jones
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  • Tawanda Goines
    Tawanda Goines
    My name is Tawanda Goines and I recently had the pleasure of working with Kimberly Adams. I met Kimberly at a first time buyers home seminar last year. She spoke so well and had so much spunk and energy during her presentation that I was thoroughly impressed. We spoke briefly after her presentation and I expressed interest in working with her. I was anticipating a closing on another property at that time and thought my deal was sealed but it fell through. Fast forward about 6 months and I was having dinner with friends and spotted Kimberly in the restaurant. I went over to her table, reintroduced myself, explained that my previous deal had fallen through and that I was in desperate need of a new Realtor. Kimberly gave me her number and several weeks later I reached out to her to start my search. From day one Kimberly was very friendly, professional, upbeat and always anticipating my every need. I was not used to this type service because the previous team that I worked with was not as polished as Kimberly. Kimberly worked with my family and I for several months to help find our dream condo. Even when deals fell through or offers were rejected, Kimberly never changed her attitude or dedication. I finally closed on my dream condo yesterday and realize that none of it would have been possible without Kimberly and her amazing dream team. Kimberly and her team of attorneys, and lenders have made such a HUGE impact on our lives and made this experience one to cherish. I could never thank her enough or express enough gratitude, but I can definitely refer people to Dream Town. Thanks Kimberly and Team!
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  • The Velasco Family
    The Velasco Family
    In mid April we were given the blessing of meeting a sweet, patient, well knowledged, beautiful realtor, Kimberly Adams. She is very dedicated in her work and really cares about her clients. She is a person who is easy to relate with and won't sleep till her job of making dreams come true is done. She is very caring and loveable and can easily be a part of our family anytime. The Velasco Family wants to thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work and dedication. We love you so much and wish you the best with all your future clients. Thank you for never giving up on finding our dream home. Who can be better then you, Kimmy. Me personally; Briana, my brothers Ivar and Jesiah want to thank you for believing and having faith with my mom and being there when we needed you. My mother Lizzette says you are her angel in diguise, you took us from living in a two bedroom apartment for us four, to a beautiful single family home with four bedrooms and two baths. I no longer have to share a room with my two brothers. Kimberly is like our own personal supplier, she supplied my mother with the lendor, home inspector, and attorney. Their was no impossible for Kimmy, they were the best team ever. KIMMY ROCKS! We truly love you, you are a part of our family forever.

    The Velasco Family
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  • Tamala Doby
    Tamala Doby
    I met Kimberly Adams while attending college and lost touch with her after graduating. This past June, while walking to my car, I glanced at this advertisement on the side of a bus. IT WAS KIMBERLY! I was so excited to see her picture and felt so proud of her. I was not surprised to see that she was still working in realty, it truly is one of her passions. I immediately saved her number in my phone and could not wait to contact her. When we did speak later on that night, it was as if no time had passed. After catching up on old times and our current lives, I mentioned to Kimberly the possibly of looking for a home. My family has outgrown our current apartment and I did not want to continue renting, I wanted my own home. I explained to Kimberly what I was looking for, met with her at Dreamtown Realty and she assured me that I would get whichever home I desired. I honestly did not know what to expect, but Kimberly kept her word. From working with the loan officer and her staff; the housing inspector; real estate attorney and especially Kimberly, everyone involved with my home purchase experience was very knowledgeable; professional; polite; helpful, efficient and definitely stayed on the ball. Kimberly sent my over one hundred home listings, this is my second home purchase and I was being very specific. We went looking at homes on June 24. One of the last homes that were on the list, was a home that I passed over from my listings. When Kimberly said she was going to show me that home, I was not all that interested and did not want to get out of the car. Once in the home, I could not contain my excitement! Kimberly found a home that I fell in love with the minute I walked into it. We both were jumping and yelling with excitement! Before we left the house, I pleaded with Kimberly to please not show my home to anyone else. As a result of Kimberly's commitment and dedication, I will be closing on that home and will be all moved in by Saturday, September 14! Kimberly definitely delivered on her word, she found me a home I would love and did get the home that I desired. It was truly a pleasurable experience, this time around purchasing my second home, and I owe that gratitude to Kimberly Adams.

    Tamala Doby
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  • Robert and LaTanya Topps
    Robert and LaTanya Topps
    Rob and I recently worked with Kim Adams, one of the most professional, dedicated, and highly knowledgeable Consultants that we have ever had the pleasure of working with in purchasing our new Dream Home. When we had our first meeting at Dream Town, we were really impressed with Kim's ability to quickly establish her credibility and competence. We really appreciate how understanding and helpful Kim was throughout the process. Kim let us know upfront that she is here to help us and made herself available for us to call with any questions. Kim lifted our spirits and made us feel comfortable in knowing that we would find our Dream Home and that it would be safe for our family. Kim went way above and beyond her call of duty . . . .she was absolutely and amazing Soul! I truly believe that in life some things happen for a reason and choosing Kim Adams as our Real Estate Consultant was definitely for a reason as nothing is a coincidence. This was one of the best decisions that my Husband and I have made and words cannot express our thanks. We are truly honored and blessed to have found such a beautiful Dream home with the assistance of Kim! We will definitely recommend Kim to our friends and family.

    Robert and LaTanya Topps, Chicago
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  • Shannon Hinton
    Shannon Hinton
    I am soooo happy with my new home! I couldn't have done it without Kimberly Adams and the team she works with. Kim is an experienced agent who knows her business well. Her advice was solid and her guidance was invaluable. There was never a question too silly, and never a time to early or late for me to call. During our first conversation, she listened to what I wanted and knew exactly what I needed. With genuine kindness and concern, Kimberly helped me through every phase of the buying process. As a first time buyer, she made me see that having realistic expectations could get me the beautiful home that I wanted and deserved. I had an entire team of people supporting me during this process. Not only did I have Kim's suppport but her teammates are equally awesome. Tim Kerfin, the home inspector, went over the property with a fine tooth comb, answering my questions and addressing my concerns. Jean Lovergine, the loan officer is incredibly efficient and worked really hard to get me closed by the desired date. Jon Ehrenstrom, the attorney explained all the paperwork to me and was always available to address my concerns or questions. The whole gang is super-nice, patient, knowledgeble and treated me wonderfully. They each went beyond the call of duty in closing my deal and getting me into my new home. Hands down, Team Kimberly of Dream Town is the best! My only regret is not contacting Dream Town sooner. Kim, I can't thank you and the A-Team enough!

    Shannon Hinton
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  • The Foy Family
    The Foy Family
    The Foy Family wants to "Thank" Kim for all of her hard work and patience. We love our new home and welcome you anytime. You are now a part of our family. We love you!

    The Foy Family
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  • Larry and Yvernia
    Larry and Yvernia
    Pill Hill
    Once again, I am so happy with my house until I cannot find the words to explain it. The contractors and everybody did an exceptional job. Your entire team was superb. Your diligence, expertise, concern, and your loyality is definitely five star rating. My husband and I want to say thank you too all of you for our family home. May God's peace, love and blessings be with you always. God Bless You All,

    Larry and Yvernia
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  • Christina and Christopher Billingsley
    Christina and Christopher Billingsley
    Kimmy...I don't need to tell you how blessed we are to have had and still have you in our lives. If I start up all the reasons why we love you, I'll be here for a while. A "thank you" just doesn't communicate all of my (and Christopher's) feelings of love and gratitude toward you. We love you, we thank you and we will never forget our wonderful experience with you. The Lord will continue to bless you in all that you do and aspire to do, His blessings and favor are upon you and we are blessed to have been led to you.

    Christina and Christopher Billingsley
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  • Eboni Tankersley
    Eboni Tankersley
    I am writing because I found a fantastic, highly knowledgeable, professional agent in Kimberly Adams! We spent a great deal of time looking for the perfect property to suit our family. Kim was patient and we found lots of terrific properties. Kim took the time to listen to our needs and wants. After months of searching we found exactly what we were looking for. I actually found Kim while searching on my own. I called a number on a green for sale sign, and I was put in contact with Kim, through the Frank Montro company. I would definitely work with Kim again, and I have already referred her to several friends.

    Eboni Tankersley, Chatham
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  • Mr and Mrs Charles and Natasha Willis
    Mr and Mrs Charles and Natasha Willis
    Washington Heights
    First I'd like to express the biggest thank you in human history to you and Jean for your diligence and determination especially after the previous house fell through. Without you guys I don't think we would have gotten through this as fast and as smoothly as we did.So from the bottom of our hearts and our kids feet as they run back and forth through the house, thank you. Eternally grateful.

    Mr and Mrs Charles and Natasha Willis, Washington Heights
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  • Serwaa and Ronell
    Serwaa and Ronell
    Prior to meeting Kimberly Adams, we spoke on the phone and discussed what me and my spouse were looking for. On the first day that we met, she showed us (3) houses that matched our profile. The third house ended up being the perfect house for us. She knew what we were looking for us and found it for us. From the time that we made the offer and through out the whole process, she always kept us calm with her positive energy and by reassuring us that everything will be ok. She was always available and there for us when we had any questions or concerns. Working with Kimberly Adams has been a wonderful experience. She made what could have been a stressful task, into a fun and positive experience. She's Awesome!!

    Serwaa and Ronell, Joliet
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  • Lawrence and Ayisha Darko
    Lawrence and Ayisha Darko
    We were looking for an agent and Lawrence saw Kim's car with her sign on it. He searched through the store looking for her. Once he found her, he had a great conversation with her and asked for her business card. He called me and told me how he was impressed with Kim's professionalism and her knowledge of homes. Through the process, Kim worked night and day to find our dream home. Kim made the process stress free, which was very helpful while planning our wedding. After buying our dream home, Kim kept in touch with us, and she also contacted our developer when we had questions about our home. Kim is like family and we only felt right that she was there when we got married in Cancun. Throughout our destination wedding Kim helped out with hair, makeup and setting the reception. She also documented our dream wedding by capturing photos of our trip. We are so Thankful for Kim and have already recommended her to our friends and Family. Thank you Kim.

    Lawrence and Ayisha Darko, Ashburn
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  • Lesa Silva
    Lesa Silva
    Humboldt Park
    I am in aw of you realtor expertise ! Your clients are so lucky to have you working for them. Also you're by far the nicest person I've ever had the pleasure of working with.This deal at times was frustrating, yet you were always kind, helpful, calm and professional. Manny's sentiments are the same, he said several times how nice you are. You are a fabulous realtor and an equally fabulous person!! I hope you have a Great Summer!

    Lesa Silva, Humboldt Park
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  • Ruth
    Country Club Hills
    Kimberly Adams provided professional guidance and assistance throughout the entire home purchase process and did so with such patience and perseverance even when the seller's agent was less than professional. Kimberly is very knowledgeable and friendly - we couldn't have asked for a better agent! We will recommend her to all our friends and family who are in need of a wonderful realty agent. Dream Town has a gem in Kimberly Adams!

    Ruth, Country Club Hills
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  • Haifie
    I want to thank you for all your help through out this process to help me get the beautiful home for Perry. It is a dream come true to me. I can not believe how wonderful I feel now that it is accomplished. I feel like a great new beginning for me. Now I can move forward to improve and enjoy my own life. It would not have been possible without your persistent help!!!

    Haifie, Avondale
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  • Ronell & Serwaa Ferguson
    Ronell & Serwaa Ferguson
    We would just like to express how much of a pleasure it was to have Kimberly Adams help us to purchase our first home! We met Kim in 2009 when we first planned to buy a home. She went with us to look at properties and we saw something that we liked. When we tried to get financing it turns out that our credit wasn't good enough to get a loan. My wife and I have had experiences with other real estate agents that were done with you once they saw that they couldn't make any immediate money off of you, but not Kim! When we told her that we couldn't get financed, she put us in contact with someone who helped get our credit situation under control. Kim is a very diligent, patient, and professional agent. We honestly don't feel right calling her an agent because we really feel that she has been a great friend. Next year I plan to buy some income property, and one of my first calls will be to Kim. God Bless, Ronell and Serwaa Ferguson
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  • Bianca Santiago & Michael Chavez
    Bianca Santiago & Michael Chavez
    Michael and I wanted to thank you so much for all of your dedication and time that you gave us to help us look for our dream home. Never once did we ever think that you were not trying your hardest. Since the first day we met we at The Lucha Home start program, we knew you were the perfect realtor. You always put more than 100% effort, to make sure we were satisfied. My family loved meeting you; they said you were a sweet heart. My son and daughter loved you and still ask about you. I truthfully don?t think we would have been able to find our perfect home if it wasn?t for you. You made us feel like if we were family. You found our dream team and worked your hardest that we stood a dream team until the end. Michael and I are very grateful to have met you. You made sure the houses we saw were what we were looking for. You always gave us the best options. You fought for what ever we wanted. You always worked around our schedule. You made everything so convenient for us. You are just perfect. I would recommend you to anyone in the world.

    Bianca Santiago & Michael Chavez, Cicero
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  • Jenny Morales
    Jenny Morales
    Prior to meeting Kimberly Adams, we spoke on the phone and discussed what my spouse and I were looking for. On the first day that we met, she showed us three houses that matched our profile. The third house ended up being the perfect house for us. She knew what we were looking for and found it for us. From the time that we made the offer and throughout the whole process, she always kept us calm with her positive energy and by reassuring us that everything will be ok. She was always available and there for us when we had any questions or concerns. Working with Kimberly Adams has been a wonderful experience. She made what could have been a stressful task into a fun and positive experience. She's awesome.

    Jenny Morales, Cicero
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  • Janelle St. John
    Janelle St. John
    Auburn Gresham
    I wanted to share the wonderful experience I have had working with Kimberly Adams this past few months. Kimberly #s personality, guiding hand, professionalism, and knowledge of the business made the process of purchasing my first home effortless. With her help I was able to develop a supportive team of individuals who made my dream possible. Kimberly played a major part in connecting me with the "right" people from my bank consultant to my home inspector. Kimberly also fought tirelessly to make that my voice was being heard by the contractor and everyone else involved in the process. Even after the closing of my loan application and the passing of the keys, Kimberly continues to be a source of advice and consul. She is truly a professional and I will recommend her to the first time home buyer and even the seasoned home buyer. I patience, keen attention to detail, and knowledge of her profession will be a great asset to a new buyer and even a seasoned home buyer.

    Janelle, Auburn Gresham
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  • Tzong Chang
    Tzong Chang
    Rogers Park
    Kim welcomed me with open arms as a customer. She listened to what I was looking for and only showed me homes that met my needs and that I would be interested in. As a first time home buyer I was extremely nervous but Kim made the whole process relaxed and trouble-free. Whenever I had questions she had the answers and helped me with everything, including giving me great referrals. I found my home on my first day out with Kim and she guided me throughout the whole closing. She was knowledgeable, patient, and fun to work with. Thank you for being a wonderful realtor!

    Tzong Chang, Rogers Park
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  • Cynthia Steward
    Cynthia Steward
    We recently purchased property through Kimberly Adams she has been a joy to work with and we are pleased to have had a person who was knowledgeable, patient and wonderful customer service. She is a wonderful asset to Dream Town.

    Cynthia Steward, Englewood
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  • Jannifer Santos
    Jannifer Santos
    Park Manor
    In mid-September 2009, I made contact with Kimberly Adams. I explained to Ms. Adams my unique and difficult situation to purchase my first home. Ms. Adams welcomed me as a customer and diligently worked day and night until I located my first home. As the buyer, she listened to what I was looking for and only showed me homes that would be viable options for me and my family. I secured my contract late September 2009. On November 4, 2009, Ms. Adams congratulated me on securing my first home. I strongly encouraged all buyers to use Ms. Adams for real estate services. She was always on time, professional and a diamond in the rough.

    Jannifer Santos, Park Ridge
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  • Lashonda Harris
    Lashonda Harris
    West Chicago
    My agent Kimberly Adams, was very efficient and professional. She worked with me gently and guided
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  • Leveda Rawls
    Leveda Rawls
    October 15, 2009, will always be a very special day for me. On this day, I became a first-time home buyer, and I must "sing the praises" of agent Kimberly Adams for making it all possible.

    I never thought I could be a home owner due to fear and lack of knowledge, but from day one, Kimberly made me feel at ease with this process and empowered me with her "can-do" attitude. Whenever I called or e-mailed her, she was always very responsive, and in the interim she would call me just to ensure the process was going smooth. I'll never forget the words she said to me: "You don't worry or stress about anything, just call me and i'll take care of it. It's my job to worry and stress for you, because you have other things in life to deal with". When I heard those words from her, I knew I had a WINNER on my side. Not only did she say these words, but she acted upon them as well.

    Thanks to Kimberly's experience, professionalism, and winning personality, I am a proud new home owner.

    Leveda Rawls, Chatham
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  • Tiffany Mays
    Tiffany Mays
    West Beverly
    My search for my new home has been a very interesting and informative experience. The actual search started off exciting and fun but after 4 months into the process I began to get frustrated and desperate not only with the search for my dream home but with my agent as well. When I began to lose interest and decided to put my search on hold, my best friend called me and said she met a young lady by the name of Kimberly Adams and she thought she would be a great agent for me. Needless to say my friend was right and I went from being frustrated to excited again!

    Kimberly and I only went in the field twice and I found my new home. In the past I've looked at too many houses to count, but with Kimberly things were different. Selling houses just seemed so natural for her. Anytime I was nervous about anything she always calmed me down and nurtured me as a mother would do. I am truly thankful for Kimberly and Dream Town because my dream has definitely come true. I am raising my four year old twin boys and I think providing them with a home is the best gift I can give them. After 10 years, their father and I separated and I lost hope in ever being able provide a nice home life for my boys. I lost my father three years ago while the boys were three months old, then I lost my mom last year when they were three years old. My life just seemed so empty and incomplete but now great things are happing again for me and I owe this huge achievement to Kimberly. I could not have done this without her! She is truly God sent and I don't think she realizes the impact that she has made on my family life. I'm now an owner of a beautiful home big enough to accommodate my children and my two siblings. Dream Town really makes dreams come true!!!!!!

    Kimberly Mays, West Beverly
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  • Gelasia Croom
    Gelasia Croom
    Washington Heights
    Kimberly Adams is truly a diamond in the rough. In an industry perceived to be filled with sharks and predators, Kimberly is a soothing, peaceful entity. But don't get me wrong, this professional and highly knowledgeable realtor knows her city, knows her facts and she simply exudes honesty and discipline. As a new homebuyer, she anticipated many of my questions and needs and never quibbled over the small things. This is the type of realtor anyone would want to work with. Well connected, responsible and totally there for her clients every step of the way. Even though she clearly has numerous clients, she still makes you feel like you're number one - and that is how you will come away feeling about her. Dream Town is lucky to have acquired such a down-to-Earth, accommodating and friendly talent on their team. She has gone above and beyond before, during and after the closing, making sure I am comfortable and little tweaks are tended to. What a great person and professional - highly recommended!

    Gelasia Croom, Washington Heights
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  • Ericka Lindsey
    Ericka Lindsey
    Jeffery Manor
    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being my realtor and friend. You put your professional time and also your personal time into getting me the house. You really know your business and guided me throughout the process. Whenever I had questions you had all the answers. You helped me with everything from finding me the perfect home to closing the deal. Your qualifications as a realtor are absolutely outstanding. Now that I have my dream home I can finally relax and focus on nursing school. Thanks again and God bless you.

    Ericka Lindsey, Jeffery Manor
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  • Eric and Theresa Crockrell
    Eric and Theresa Crockrell
    Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for assisting us with finding our beautiful new home, after searching for about six months, you came alone and was able to help us within one month, We sincerely enjoyed searching for our home with you, the positive energy and warm spirit was only a plus to your knowledge. My husband and I would certainly refer you to ANYONE in search of a new home you are one of the finest, you take pride in making sure your clients are completely satisfied. We are well pleased and for that we say thank-you. We're looking forward to the day that we turn on the television and see you on one of the shows selling homes. We had two other agents before you who were unable to assist us with finding that right home, YOU MADE THE DIFFERENCE. God bless!

    Eric and Theresa Cockrell, Woodlawn
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  • The Burns Family
    The Burns Family
    Washington Heights
    Our family and I would like to express our sincerest gratitude for our gifts. Our family really enjoyed the lovely fruit basket, especially the delicious pineapples. The binder was very useful for keeping important papers in one place. Your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated. May God bless you.

    The Burns Family, Washington Heights
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  • The Dotson Family
    The Dotson Family
    My family and I want to thank you, Kim. I appreciate the kind hearted unselfish help you gave to me and my family while purchasing our home. When I met you Kim, I never thought you would change my life. I have purchased houses before, but Kim has never felt like my realtor. She is my friend. Some how, you have changed my perspective on what to expect from a realtor. Either you spoiled me, or you really love and honor your profession, or both. Either way I feel like I have won. I hope that our journey does not end here. I really love your energy, and kindness. It is amazing to me how everyone you have introduced me to feels the same about you as I do. What a gift. What a wonderful person. My kids my husband and I are just delighted by you.

    The Dotsons, Rosemoor
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